Programs & Services

$200.00 - Initial Appointment
$100.00 - Follow-up Appointment
$100.00 - Clinical Hypnosis (requires an Initial Appointment for proper workup)
$100.00 - Myer's Cocktail
$100.00 - IV Vitamin C - $155.00 - $200.00
$155.00 - Plaquex
$155.00 - Ozone Therapy
$50.00 - Glutathione Injection
$50.00 - Glutathione Nebulized
$100.00 - Blood Draw Fee for Lab Work
Note - Lab fees - we offer access to hundred's of lab tests from Canadian, American, and European labs - contact the office if you are looking for something specific.
  • Integrative Cancer Care

    Dr. Bailey, ND has been providing care for cancer patients since 2002.  A comprehensive approach is used to address many facets of this challenging disease.  Dr. Bailey is the longest practicing full-time naturopath in Saskatchewan to offer IV and injection…

  • IV Therapies

    IV Therapies

    Dr. Bailey, ND offers a variety of IV options including: Ozone therapy Myer’s cocktails / Nutritional IVs High Dose Vitamin C Plaquex (Phosatidylcholine IVs) Photoluminescence DMSO Glutathione Curcumin Alpha-Lipoic Acid Vitamin B12 Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) MSM Dr. Bailey, ND also…

  • Assessments


    New Patient Initial Visit: 60 minutes. All new patients are required to undergo this comprehensive first visit. Prior to this appointment please complete the Intake Form & Consent which is also available for download from the Forms area. Please also bring…

  • Lifestyle Coaching

    Lifestyle Coaching

    Lifestyle is directly connected to all health problems. The Dr. Bailey, ND will help identify the parts of your life that prevent you from achieving optimal health. You will be provided with the guidance and resources on how to optimize…